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Mentoring Program

"The only criteria is a desire to learn."

The THCFF's mentoring program is open to anyone wanting to jumpstart their journey into fly fishing. 

Experienced mentors are available for:

        • Equipment Basics, 
        • Traditional Casting, 
        • Tenkara Style, 
        • Knots, 
        • Fly Tying, 
        • Fish Location
        • Fly Presentation.


Tenkara is a method of fly-fishing particularly well-suited for stream fishing and for anyone looking for a simpler way to fly-fish. It is the ideal setup for backpacking. Tenkara is a very effective, simple and enjoyable method of fly-fishing.  Tenkara is particularly effective for fishing mountain streams. The main advantage is its simplicity. 

Fly Tying

Fly tying requires some basic equipment; a vise to hold the hook, a bobbin to dispense and provide tension on thread, scissors, pliers and the appropriate materials for the particular fly pattern selected. These materials consists mostly of feathersfur/animal hairs, threads, and various synthetic materials. Fly tying equipment enables the fly tier to efficiently and effectively assemble and secure the materials on the hook to produce a particular type of fly. 

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Texas Hill Country Fly Fishers
PO Box 3002
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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